Last mile distribution.

Our last mile distribution network provides unparalleled speed and reliability for your brand.

If you are a larger retailer we can work with your national distribution network to give it a local fulfillment and distribution presence.

If you are a smaller retailer we can give you a network to expand your reach nationally. Our robotics system makes this possible for the first time.

What will it cost?

Each bin costs $5 per month. Bins are limited to
1 SKU. Pick and pack fees are $2.50/item.

  • 50 Bins$250/mo
  • 100 Bins$500/mo
  • 250 Bins$1,250/mo
  • 500 Bins$2,500/mo
  • 1,000 Bins$5,000/mo
  • 2,000 Bins$10,000/mo
  • 3,000 Bins$15,000/mo
  • 4,000 Bins$20,000/mo
  • 5,000 Bins$25,000/mo
  • 6,000 Bins$30,000/mo
  • Inside dimensions (nominal): W: 15.78 in / L: 23.66 in / H: 12.20 in
  • Select one or multiple fulfillment center locations
  • Boston, MA
  • New York, NY
  • Chicago, IL
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Monthly Costs (*Estimated*)$1,250/mo

1-hour delivery. Start to finish.

  • Pick time 1-4 minutes
  • Pack time 5-10 minutes
  • Delivery time 25-40 minutes
Total time:31-54 minutes
For national orders we offer 2-day delivery.

How we do it.

We leverage the AutoStore cube storage robotics system to distribute your products instantly. Each of our fulfillment center is located in the heart of a major city.

Pick time 1-4 minutes.

Robotics at our core.

Rushlook is powered by AutoStore R5, a 5th generation robotic network.

AutoStore R5 Robot.


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